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TRADUCIR AL CASTELLANO: Passion, work and simplicity are some key-words that have always distinguished the way of doing of C.A.M.P. The passion is the one for the mountain and for the products that help everyone that go out there to accomplish their dreams and projects; the work is the one handed on for more than 115 years by four different generations that succeeded to the helm of the company, and the simplicity that marks a way of doing and collaborating based on seriousness and fairness. Those ingredients allow to answer with major strength and effectiveness to the demands of today’s market that calls for innovation, new proposals and solutions, fantasy and reliabilità, safety and fun. C.A.M.P.’s mission though is to conceive, design and develop innovative technical solutions which can improve safety, performance and effectiveness of the products bound to the most demanding customers of the outdoor and industrial markets. All this passes through the culture of innovation that is deep-rooted in C.A.M.P.’s heart from the early days, and we can remember as an example the first ice-axe with metal shaft, the first crampon with rigid structure, the first modular ice-tool, the lightest carabiner at 33 grams. All this happens thanks to the constant presence on the field which is supported today by an organization that invests primarily in R&D, with the assistance of first-class technical advisors such as Tomaz Humar, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko, Valerio Folco, Cristian Brenna, just to name a few. Today (2006) already more than 10% of the working force of C.A.M.P. is engaged in the Research & Development division, but the goal is to reach 20% in the near future. The company’s structure allows by now to export products in 60 countries around the world, two of which (France and USA) are headed directly by dedicated facilities in the country. The distribution network is adequately supported by logistics structured on several hubs that allow deliveries in a few hours in every city of the world. The relationship with the customers is seen more and more as a partnership where the collaboration is not limited to a mere commercial dealership, but implies reciprocal trust and participation in identifying the fundamental needs of the customer and the solutions that C.A.M.P. can offer.

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