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Bolting Routes

Dear all, after a lot of reading I contacted the climber Samantha Shelley from Mallorca that gave me advise to contact the Forocorda community. We want to bolt new routes this sommer 1st week of September on the beautiful island of Mallorca. I read with great interest the thread of Melvin about ethics on bolting new routes. I had exactly the same questions. I am happy to hear that all bolting material can be bought in the Forocorda Shop. We will do that. We would be very happy to get in contact with local climbers that could give us some advice where is potential to bolt nice lines and where not. We would like to bolt some soft routes up to 7a. We have a drilling machine and we will also be happy to support rebolting/ bolting projects if wished. I would be very happy to get in touch with local climbers to get advice / support. Very best wishes Björn & Britta

Hi Björn & Britta. I'm a

Hi Björn & Britta. I'm a local climber, who's opening new routes, I'll be glad to help you and show you where to open new routes. Right now I'm finishinig a 4 pitch route on a virging wall, up to 6a. And also I'm opening a new area whith a lot of potential. If you want to put in contact with me: Regards. Angel.

Bolting Routes

Hello Björn & Britta,
It's great that you bolt new routes in Mallorca!! More routes more fun!!
The recomendations are the same as I did to Melvin.
-If you bolt in a sector with routes, the ethics of the sector respect (not artificial holes).
-Not to touch already equipped routes and to respect the space between routes.
-Since you will see they are international procedure.
-Basically respect, I'm sure you have it right!!
Attention!! in Mallorca almost everything is private!. Now we have real problems with private areas and protected by the Balearic Government... I recommend that if you have started a new sector reports you previously.
If you need any more information, please contact me!
Note: We apply special prices on anchors for bolting in Mallorca.
Carlos Raimundo

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